We have to believe

I believe in the possibility of another world being created
every moment [for you, for me] by thousands of us.
The dreams of others ‘i and you’ and other ‘we are’, each
days longer being united, gathered, configured, lived
on our home planet. Thus, we must continue
dreaming, thinking – every day more and more – that the
new world is being built, beyond form, beyond
ideologies that separate us much longer, and far beyond
any insensitivity that denies our consciousness
universal common.

This is the sense of those words, and this media activist
digital born in the confines of the plan’s central high
Brazil. We are of one heart and one dream in one
Earth … because we have only one identity: humanity, this is
we are!


Publicado 6 de julho de 2010 por Mídia Digital em Pensamentos

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